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It's time county offered to open park for dogs

Published Sep. 1, 2005

Re: Dogparks at taxpayers' expense? No!, July 6 letter to the editor from Vilmar Tavares:

Editor: We say "YES!"

How many parks do we have now, that the taxpayers of Hernando County paid for, that all of us haven't or wouldn't ever use? Our point is that just because someone doesn't want to use a certain kind of park, it doesn't mean there are not a lot of people, taxpayers included, who want it, and mainly want a dog park. Yes, they are our precious dogs and we feel sorry for the people who are not privileged enough to understand the deep love you can receive from one of these precious dogs.

A dog park is not for everyone, but since there are thousands of licensed dogs in the county (and thousands more unlicensed ones), there is a definite need for one. In all of the grocery stores, you will see a complete aisle of pet food. That must count for something. The stores would not carry all this food without knowing there is a need. And what about all the veterinarians, the groomers and pet stores. They wouldn't have a business without pets. They add to our economy, which helps keep people working.

We presented a petition of 5,000 names in June 1998 to the commissioners to have a dog park in Spring Hill, the most populated area, and it was supposed to go on the agenda, but nothing has happened. We would think that since there are hundreds of dog parks in the country and about a hundred in Florida, the nearest being in Tarpon Springs, that one could be started soon here.

We would hope that people would be outraged that we don't have this yet. We don't have any place to take our dogs in this county. Isn't it about time we did?

Jeannie and Johnnie Bellm

Spring Hill

What next? Giant tank

for residents' pet fish?

Re: Dogs, owners in Hernando deserve park, July 3 letter to the editor from Frances King:

Editor: And I am sure Ms. King would want a attendant who would go around with a pooper-scooper and keep the park clean and organized. After all, "it would be a shame if Hernando County does not spend some of the taxpayers' money" on said park.

In order to be fair about a park for dogs, one has to consider other pets as well. At least one can put a leash on a dog and run with the dog anywhere in Hernando County. Ever try to put a leash on a pet fish, or pet snake?

Before you get a park for your dog to run and "socialize" with other dogs, perhaps a 100-foot-long tank for goldfish to socialize with other fish. (No predators, please!) After all, isn't that what taxes are for?

Jon Knudson

Spring Hill