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Teenager drowns in apartment pool

A 13-year-old girl drowned Tuesday at a Waters Avenue apartment complex where she and several others were swimming in a pool surrounded by several adults.

The teenager, whose name was not released by Tampa police, was not a resident of Fountain Bridge Apartments. She and her mother were visiting relatives who lived there, authorities said.

"She went to the bottom of the deep end and did not come up," said Tampa police Sgt. Rick DeLiguori. "Her friends noticed she did not come up. They thought she was playing. When they went down to check on her, she was not responsive."

The accidental drowning was reported at about 2:30 p.m. She was pronounced dead at St. Joseph's Hospital after efforts to revive her through CPR failed.

DeLiguori said the girl was apparently a good swimmer. She did not have any obvious injuries. Nothing appears wrong with the pool. She had swimming companions her age or older, and there was adult supervision.

"This is a mystery," he said.

Witnesses said after the girl swam for awhile, she went to the bottom of the 8-foot area and lay flat. They thought she was playing, but after several minutes, a few of them went under the water and discovered she was not moving when they touched her.

Kimberly Borges, 15, said she lifted the girl to the surface.

"The other kids went down and touched her and got scared," Borges said. "I was scared too, but I went and got her."

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