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Hepburn on TV

Set your VCR today on Turner Classic Movies, and you'll have a Katharine Hepburn video collection all your own. The cable channel's schedule includes: 6 a.m. Mary of Scotland 8:15 a.m.: Holiday, co-starring Cary Grant. 10 a.m.: Woman of the Year, co-starring Spencer Tracy. NOON: Adam's Rib, co-starring Spencer Tracy and Judy Holliday. 2 p.m.: Pat and Mike, co-starring Tracy. 4 p.m.: The Lion in Winter, co-starring Peter O'Toole and Anthony Hopkins. 6:30 p.m.: Katharine Hepburn: All About Me (1993 interview). 8 p.m.: Bringing Up Baby, co-starring Cary Grant. 10 p.m.: The Philadelphia Story, co-starring Grant and James Stewart. Midnight: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, co-starring Spencer Tracy and Sidney Poitier. 2 a.m. Little Women, co-starring Joan Bennett. 4 a.m. Undercurrent, co-starring Robert Taylor and Robert Mitchum. For more Hepburn classics later this month and next, go to

Hepburn on DVD

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

Some of the late Katharine Hepburn's best films are unavailable in digital format.

DVD no-shows include the classic The African Queen, the Howard Hawks film Bringing Up Baby, her great pairing with Spencer Tracy in Desk Set, and her Oscar-winning performances in Morning Glory and The Rainmaker.

Of the DVDs that are out, none is what anyone would call a true special edition. On Golden Pond comes closest, with director's commentary and an hourlong documentary, which doesn't include Hepburn among the interviews. The Lion in Winter contains sparse commentary by director Anthony Harvey.

Alice Adams is arguably the most satisfying Hepburn DVD.

Besides an excerpt from a documentary about director George Stevens, one that includes comments from Ms. Hepburn, the DVD contains a nicely restored version of the 1935 social drama and a text-based essay about the film.