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Bronson was once married to Ireland

Published Sep. 1, 2005

Question: Wasn't actor Charles Bronson, who died recently, married at one time to the late actor Jill Ireland? Obituaries I saw made no mention of her.

Answer: You're right. Ireland, who died in 1990 after a long battle with cancer, was Bronson's second wife. They married in 1969 after her divorce from British actor David McCallum. She appeared in 11 films with Bronson.

His first marriage, in 1949, was to Harriet Tendler, whom he met when both were fledgling actors in Philadelphia. They divorced in 1965. He married his third wife, actor Kim Weeks, in 1998. She was with Bronson when he died of pneumonia Aug. 31 in Los Angeles. He was 81.

Weathering the storm

Question: I recently saw an item that noted that a baseball game between the New York Giants and St. Louis Cardinals in 1903 was called in midafternoon because of "unusual darkness." What caused this darkness? Was it an eclipse?

Answer: It was a dark and stormy day. There was no eclipse.

The date was Sept. 14, 1903. The Giants and the Cards were playing a doubleheader in St. Louis. The Giants took the opener, 8-2. In the second game, Giants rookie Leon Kessling "Red" Ames began his 17-year career with a five-inning, 5-0 no-hitter.

The game was called when the sky turned black because of an impending storm. As it turned out, it never actually rained.

Why did No. 7 collapse?

Question: We all know what brought down the twin towers of the World Trade Center. But after two years of reading and hearing media reports, I've never seen an explanation of what brought down building No. 7. What caused this 47-story tower to collapse?

Answer: The building was across Vesey Street from the main World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan. Authorities have determined that the intense heat of fire from the towers, as well as falling debris, weakened it and caused it to collapse.

The fire at 7 World Trade Center possibly was fed by diesel fuel stored in tanks on its fifth, seventh and eighth floors. The fuel was for emergency electrical generators.

A 52-story 7 World Trade Center will be the first building to be rebuilt at ground zero. It will be moved slightly from the original location to allow Greenwich Street to reopen. Completion is scheduled for late 2005.

Counting the victims

Question: CNN recently cited a figure of 3,016 killed in the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11. Does that include the 19 hijackers?

Answer: CNN based its total of 3,016 on 2,792 at the World Trade Center, 184 at the Pentagon and 40 at the Pennsylvania site near Shanksville. It does not include the hijackers, a CNN spokeswoman said.

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