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Change in design delays professional park hearing

BRANDON: Repercussions from the Galvin-Jaudon house debate resonated Monday at a hearing during which the Bayshore Co. was scheduled to seek a rezoning for Parsons Professional Park. The company, which at one time had a contract with First Baptist Church of Brandon to move the historic home to its property on Parsons Avenue and turn it into a restaurant, asked to postpone its rezoning request until Dec. 16. Zoning officer Andrew Baker approved the request.

It's the second time Bayshore asked to delay the hearing. It was originally scheduled for Oct. 7, but that was postponed until Monday because the company's attorney was out of town.

Mark Bentley, an attorney for Bayshore Co., said Monday the second delay was necessary because of a "substantial change in design that's probably going to occur within the next few weeks. So it's irrelevant and not appropriate to go forward at this point in time."

County staff had said they would only support the Bayshore Co. request if the rezoning was related to the relocation of the Galvin house. Preservationists who don't want to see the home turned into a restaurant mobilized to fight the rezoning application. (Petition 03-1242)

BULLFROG CREEK: A zoning hearing official on Tuesday recommended approval of a request from Metro Area Properties to rezone 100 acres at the northwest corner of Cowley Road and U.S. 301 to planned development. Portions of the property are zoned for one home per 5 acres and one home per acre. Site plans for the proposed subdivision, tentatively called Metro Creek, show up to 402 single-family homes and 100 townhomes.

Metro Creek is across U.S. 301 from Panther Trace, which at build-out will have 1,600 homes.

At the hearing Oct. 7, three people voiced their opposition to Metro Creek. They expressed concern about drainage problems in the area and new developments creating additional traffic on U.S. 301.

But zoning official John Crislip wrote in his recommendation that the Department of Public Works doesn't consider flooding a major issue. He also wrote that according to the transportation division, all the roadways will continue to operate at an acceptable level of service even after the project is completed. The developer, however, will be required to make some intersection improvements.

The County Commission is scheduled to make a final decision on the request Nov. 18. (Petition 03-1241)

BLOOMINGDALE: A zoning hearing official Tuesday recommended approval of a request from GBT Realty Corp., a Tennessee company that specializes in retail development, to rezone 43.5 acres on the north side of Bloomingdale Road west of Lithia Pinecrest Road.

GBT wants traditional neighborhood development zoning, which makes this the first time a petitioner has asked for that type of zoning since it was added to the land development code last year, according to county planner Michelle Heinrich.

The property is currently zoned for one home per acre.

The traditional neighborhood development zoning integrates commercial, office and residential areas. Urban planners like the concept because it reduces traffic by encouraging people to walk to work, shopping and entertainment.

To promote the traditional neighborhood development zoning, developers are permitted to build at higher-than-normal densities.

Three people spoke in opposition to GBT's project at the Oct. 7 hearing. Two, who live in a subdivision north of the property, worried about increased traffic. One, who lives across Bloomingdale Avenue, objected to any commercial development on the parcel.

In his report, zoning official John Crislip wrote that although Lithia Pinecrest Road is already overburdened, traffic generated by the new project won't make a significant difference because most of the driving should occur within the development.

The County Commission is scheduled to consider the request Nov. 18. (Petition 03-1432)

RUSKIN: Metro Development Group has filed a request to rezone 47.18 acres at the southeast corner of 12th Street NE and 11th Avenue NE to planned development. The company wants to build up to 236 single-family homes on the site. The land is split into three parcels by railroad tracks and 15th Street NE. One parcel is currently zoned for one home per 5 acres; the other two are approved for six homes per acre. A zoning hearing master is scheduled to consider the request Jan. 12. (Petition 04-0068)

Metro Development also has asked to rezone 18.51 acres on the northeast corner of Shell Point Road and 18th Street NE to planned development. The company wants to build up to 111 homes on the site, which is currently zoned for one home per 5 acres. A zoning hearing official is scheduled to consider the request Jan. 12. (Petition 04-0067)

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