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Spencer Brown / quarterback . . . linebacker . . . safety . . . a little bit of everything

Published Sep. 2, 2005

He's played quarterback, linebacker, fullback, wingback and maybe a couple of other positions this season. But all Spencer Brown wants to do is get Mitchell back to the playoffs. Brown is the Mustangs' second-leading rusher (460 yards) and second-leading tackler (40 tackles, 26 assists), and he goes one-on-one with staff writer Jamal Thalji.

JT: Last year you got into the playoffs with an at-large bid. Would you prefer to win a playoff spot this year?

SB: It doesn't matter. We went to the playoffs, other teams didn't. How many teams didn't go to the playoffs in the state last year? It didn't matter to me. We went to the playoffs. River Ridge didn't.

JT: How does this team compare to last year's playoff team?

SB: We have more talent, but the leadership isn't there as much. Coach (Scott Schmitz) talked to some of the guys this week, telling them that we need leadership on this team. We had a discussion on Monday. He told us to pick it up, but it's like no one wants the role. We have two weeks left in the season, but I think there's still time to find that.

JT: You spent the offseason prearing to be the starting quarterback, then you get switched to different positions at the start of this season. How did you handle it?

SB: It didn't matter. But I went to camps this summer to play quarterback, and when I was moved it was just like a big waste. But I've told you before, I just want to win and be successful, even though we haven't won as much, I think my moving has helped. That's why I didn't really care about the position switch. As long as I'm on the field.

JT: Quarterback isn't your college position anyway, is it? And haven't you been more effective on offense and defense since the move?

SB: When I get to college I plan on playing strong safety anyway. I have been a lot more effective. The first couple of games, when I was playing quarterback, I didn't get to play much defense. I was too calm. Now, being a wingback, I get to give more and take more hits, and it gets my mind set for defense.