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Today's Knicknack

Ever give directions in Town 'N Country? Odds are you've heard yourself say, "Turn left at the giant ice cream cone."

Twistee Treat, at Hanley Road and Woodbridge Boulevard, is probably the best known landmark in this mature suburb.

The 300-square-foot cone has been cranking out ice cream for more than 10 years, and now, situated about a block from the Town 'N Country Greenway, is cranking harder than ever.

Stop by the stand at 6900 Hanley Road on any summer evening and you're likely to see a long line of people, some with children and dogs, waiting for their cones.

Come early and you can get a seat at one of the few tables scattered around the parking lot. Come late and just people-watch.

While everybody might love ice cream, not everyone loves the big cone. Built in 1987, it almost didn't open because the 18{-foot-high fiberglass building, shaped like an ice cream cone, was considered in violation of Hillsborough County sign regulations.

Neighbors called it unsightly. They complained so loudly that Hillsborough County's zoning department decided the cone violated the county's sign regulations _ even after the county's building department had given a thumb's up.

Company officials took the county to court over the cone.

Luckily, the cone prevailed.

_ Jackie Ripley

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