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Today's Rant

When Bambi is lying on the side of the road, it is hard to explain to my children that it is because humans have taken over the town of Lutz.

Homes go up as quickly as Home Depot can transfer the wood. A once-empty school now has two and three bus runs attempting to load and reload so everyone can gobble up the free breakfast by 8 a.m. sharp. Kids with weighted backpacks waddle from side to side while running to class and their moms in their too-tight workout getups rush to meet their trainers, so they can make their lunch dates by high tea.

Ahh, it is all such a rush and ever so crowded.

Recognizing our need for serenity, government did not put in the extra lane on Lutz-Lake Fern Road. Instead, they are ripping up the road to create a bike path leading to the Suncoast Trail. Traffic is backed up for the sake of a bike path. When it is finished, more new homes will have been occupied and the initial traffic problem will have worsened. But hey, we can always bike to where we are going! That is what we folks in Lutz (pronounced Lootz - not Luh-tz, like Putz) call brilliant thinking.

In Miami, where I'm from, things move just as quickly, but in a different language, known as Spanglish.

The main difference between here and there is in the people.

It is true that in Lutz, you will see an occasional cowboy in a $70,000 shiny rimmed truck staring at a girl applying mascara while driving 50 mph in her Volvo S80. But these two still manage a smile, and even the courtesy of a lane change. Heck, I messed up my lipstick once to grant another driver the privilege to pull into my lane.

It is obvious that this place has changed me for the better. I am proud to live in the land of the yuppies in the heart of Lutz, even if I have to ride my bike to Publix.

Bonnie Kirstein,

Heritage Harbor