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Man is accused of dispensing steroids

A Wesley Chapel man has been arrested for running what sheriff's officials say was an illegal dispensary for muscle-building steroids, with a client list that included local professional wrestlers, businessmen and law enforcement officers.

On Thursday night, after a month of surveillance, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office arrested John Todd Miller, 35, at his makeshift doctor's office at 1931-B W Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

He is charged with 14 felonies for operating an unlicensed medical practice and possession and delivery of a controlled substance, testosterone. He faces 120 years in prison.

Only doctors may prescribe the use of testosterone, a male hormone which is often used by body builders and athletes to increase their muscle size. It must be used regularly to maintain its effect.

"Mr. Miller was not licensed to practice medicine in any form in the state of Florida," said sheriff's Col. Jose Docobo during a Friday press conference.

He said Miller gave regular injections and doses of anabolic steroids to a customer list of about 100 people, including "very recognizable" wrestlers and law enforcement officers.

No customers, who paid an average of $100 per injection of testosterone, were named or charged.

But deputies did seize numerous records listing their names. Docobo said they may be charged later depending on the investigation, which is continuing.

"We're just really scratching the surface of this," he said.

Docobo would not say what agency the law enforcement officials using steroids were affiliated with, but he did say they were not Hillsborough sheriff's deputies.

"We have a lot of individuals to interview," he said. "We're looking into all individuals regardless of their professions."

Miller, of 1131 Bay Crest Drive, Wesley Chapel, was released from jail Friday morning on $33,000 bail. Neither he nor his attorney could be reached for comment.

On jail records, Miller lists his occupation as a doctor's assistant at the Pasco Medical Clinic. State records show the clinic was registered as a for-profit business in Zephyrhills in 1998, but dissolved in 2002. J. Todd Miller is listed as the agent and officer.

This is not Miller's first brush with the law. Records show he was arrested in 1987 in Sanford for burglary. In 1999 he was arrested in Brooksville for driving under the influence, and again on the same charge in Hillsborough County in 2000.

Sheriff's officials said they began investigating Miller as a possible supplier of illegal drugs in early September based on a tip. Deputies noted about 30 people coming and going from Miller's office. The customers would stay only minutes at a time.

"It was clear they were there for one reason," Docobo said.

They also saw deliveries of steroids from a Marion County pharmacy. The drug store thought it was dealing with a licensed physician, Docobo said.

Thursday night, a person entered Miller's office and came out with a package. Deputies questioned the individual, who showed them the steroids. The person was not named or charged. Deputies subsequently served a search warrant on Miller.

Inside, they found an office and small waiting area made to look like a doctor's office and 126 bottles and numerous 100-millimeter testosterone vials, some of which were empty.

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