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Mom may have faked son's cancer for cash

A woman is under investigation for allegedly telling people her 7-year-old son had cancer to collect thousands of dollars in donations, much of which was spent on a trip to Disney World, according to her lawyer.

Parents of the boy's mother, Lisle Undesser, promised to set up a fund and take out a home equity loan to return the money collected, estimated between $8,000 and $12,000.

Meanwhile, the state's Department of Children and Family Services and police in Geneva, where the boy attends school, have launched investigations.

Undesser began telling friends in May that her son had cancer that was spreading from his eye into his brain and that he would likely be dead within about six months, said Undesser's attorney, D.J. Tegeler.

Parents at the boy's elementary school began raising money for the family and delivered pizza to their home every week.

Tegeler said he believes most of the money was spent when Undesser took her son to Disney World for four days over the summer.

"I don't know if any of it's left," he said.

Earlier this year, an Ohio woman who told people her daughter had leukemia to gain thousands of dollars in donations was sentenced to prison along with her husband.