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Paul Azinger

SPORTS STUFF AT HOME: "Pretty much the sky's the limit _ tennis equipment, golf and fishing equipment, foosball table, pool table, dartboard, Sony Play-Station is that sport?"

WHAT'S IN YOUR CLUB ROOM?: "It's a secret room you can't see from the dining room. There's a glass shelf and behind it a door opens into it. I have clubs in there I did something special with, and two china cabinets that hold the few trophies I've ever won."

FAVORITE TROPHY: "The neatest trophies are from the Wonderful World of Golf, a crystal globe that actually spins on its axis, and a crystal pineapple for finishing second at the Hawaiian Open. Obviously the most meaningful one is the PGA Trophy."

ANY HONORS?: "Azinger Way, a street named after me going to the public course in Sarasota. It's about 8-10 yards long."

FIRST CAR: "A '71 Chevy Impala my dad bought me when I got my license in '76. I used to turn the air filter upside down to make it sound louder."

CURRENT CARS: "We have an Escalade, my wife has a '98 Mercedes and I have a twin-turbo Porsche."