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Today's MBA students at some top schools are getting more than finance and marketing lessons for the average $63,000 tuition they pay for two years. Fifteen top programs offer etiquette courses about table manners, work attire, party schmoozing, interviewing tips and even handshakes. Schools say training in manners makes students more attractive to corporate recruiters.

Half of U.S. consumers have a cell phone, and BusinessWeek says in a few years wireless phones will be the dominant form of communication. As a result, local phone companies are suffering a dangerous erosion in their core businesses. The challenges are even more severe for those without a solid wireless position.

Champagne, meals and big, cushy seats are perks for business-class travelers on trans-Atlantic flights. But the real luxury is seats that recline into flat beds, available now only on British Airways and Singapore Airlines. A few other carriers, including Northwest Airlines, say they'll offer flat beds in business class in the next year or two, BusinessWeek reports. Comfort comes at a price: $7,240 on a Northwest flight between Detroit and Amsterdam.

For the businessman on a budget, there's the 1st Class Sleeper that makes a coach seat more comfortable for sleeping. The oversize, wedge-shape pillow takes up the back half of the seat cushion, letting a passenger stretch out almost flat _ although at a 45-degree angle. The cost: $49.95. It's available online.

Florida led the nation in total employment growth for the 12 months ended in June, Florida Trend reports. During that time, 85,400 jobs were added throughout the state.

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