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Gov. Bush's mom speaks at fundraiser

Barbara Bush introduced her new book and discussed her public service priorities, including family literacy, at a fundraiser for the Florida Center for the Literary Arts on Saturday.

Bush urged parents to read to their children and promoted local rather than federal funding for education.

Gov. Jeb Bush introduced his mother, joking about her outspoken nature.

"With every passing year, we have no clue what she's going to say in public," he said to laughter from the more than 400 people who paid $100 each to hear his mother speak and get a copy of her best-selling book, Reflections: Life After the White House.

"I've kind of had an open mouth on every subject," she said.

Bush said Saturday that she was able to remain grounded by never taking herself too seriously.

"You cannot survive without a sense of humor, especially in politics," she said.