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Johnson's throws look a bit wobbly

Published Sep. 2, 2005

Great win against Dallas. The defense looked like the defense of old; with the front four taking control of the line of scrimmage and everyone swarming to the ball.

But is there anything physically wrong with Brad Johnson's throwing arm? I don't know when I've seen so many really bad passes; many of them looked like the proverbial "wounded duck." And for the most part, it seemed like the Bucs avoided throwing the kind of passes that would require Brad to zip the ball in there, such as Keyshawn running a simple slant route.

Mark Liquorman

Crystal Beach

Warren Sapp should be defended, not demonized.

Sapp has paid his dues: six consecutive Pro Bowls and past winner of NFL defensive player of the year. He was picked before this season as still the best player at his position. He is the best defensive tackle we ever have had.

He has survived three coaches and two owners. The team should re-sign Sapp and let him concentrate on football. Enough of these penny-pinching contract maneuvers in the middle of the season. The Glazers, after winning a Super Bowl, seem more interested in soccer and major-league baseball franchises.

If Tampa Bay runs Sapp out of town, it deserves a condemnation that would make the Doug Williams Curse seem like a blessing.

Dave and Carol Grantges

St. Petersburg

No more of Warren Sapp's whining or Keyshawn Johnson's complaining, at least until the season is over. If the Bucs don't start winning, words from those two will be moot and fall on deaf ears. Enough is enough. Two men by themselves can do nothing, but a concentrated effort of 11 on the offense and defense can win football games.

Victor Wood

Indian Rocks Beach

Pete Young's "Rant" column Sunday was right on the money, and long overdue. We have two of the biggest buffoons in the NFL right here in our own back yard in Warren Sapp and Keyshawn Johnson. They are truly an embarrassment to the organization, and I personally can't wait to root for a Bucs team that has neither on its roster. I don't think I'd be going out on a limb too far to say that, at least in the case of "Me"shawn, 20 years from now his name won't be found in any record books for wide receivers. He's egotistical and pompous.

People who have met Sapp have related he's cold, loud and arrogant: not much of a surprise. It's too bad many of today's players have defined the game for themselves as "entertainment" and not a sport. They're all being "used" at $6-million to $10-million a year. Wish I had gotten a four-year scholarship to college. So much for counting one's blessings.

J. Duffy


The Bucs are fighting for their lives. But here's what I know: coach Jon Gruden's group will fight. Circle Nov. 9 on the your calendar, when the Bucs travel to Carolina. The winner of that game figures to win the division. Then again, I also can see this coming down to Dec. 28, with the Bucs needing to win in Tennessee while the Panthers end the season in New York against the Giants.

Chris Mortensen