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Now just tell the doctor what you see

Today, Kickin' Back takes a detour.

While I am no psychologist, I shall attempt to play one in the newspaper. Shown below are some of the inkblot drawings commonly used by psychologists to test personality traits. By theory, individuals with varying backgrounds will view some of the inkblots as different things. Interestingly, they may also see the same thing. Trained psychologists score their observations.

I asked five members of the Bucs _ Simeon Rice, Ken Dilger, Roman Oben, Todd Yoder and Shaun King _ to view nine inkblot figures and share their observations. The interpretation of their answers is up to you:


DILGER: It's a scary face. You can see the two eyes, the nose and a couple of fangs right here. They are coming out the side.

OBEN: That looks like two dragons, each one going out from each other with the heads at the top. Like those two things at the top of Gothic castles, gargoyles.

YODER: There are two roosters having a chicken fight. You can see their heads and their wings and their feet are fighting each other.

KING: I see a woman in the middle with her hands up. You can see her body. She's fighting with herself.

RICE: I look at that and I see a cervix. That's all I see.


RICE: That's a mouth, a sad mouth. Something very demented and troubled. You can see the sad eyes, and troubled mouth.

DILGER: That's two pilgrims high-fiving.

OBEN: Those are two polar bears giving each other a high five.

YODER: It's a face. There are eyes and a nose and a mouth. Almost like a reverse negative of a picture. It's a screaming face.

KING: It looks like two entities. I'm not sure if they are man or animal and it looks like they are joined together.


RICE: Definite dementia. I look at it as a big picture and not (the specifics) and it looks like something demonic.

DILGER: There's a face down below with a butterfly flying above it. You can see the mouth and the eyes and then there's a very defined butterfly. And then it looks like two small heads sticking out.

OBEN: Two ladies having dinner. You can see them sitting there at the table. You can see their faces, their breasts , their legs.

YODER: That's a butterfly in the middle of some trees. You can see the butterfly clearly in the middle.

KING: It looks like two women, preparing a meal or something like that. They are being watched over by something, or some things.


RICE: Spawn! Spawn! You know, like the cartoon character.

DILGER: That's a big robotic monster. Like a transformer. You can see his legs and his body and it looks like he has guns for arms and you can see his Lego head.

OBEN: It looks like a big spider with something between his legs.

YODER: It's an extra of a spinal cord. You have the back going right up the middle and the stuff on the outside is part of your lungs.

KING: Whew! That's a large destructive beast with his feet at the bottom and he's swooping down on someone.


RICE: That's a butterfly, a moth and those are the wings.

DILGER: That's a bat, a big bat.

OBEN: A a butterfly, or some kind of insect with the two antennae at the top.

YODER: I'll try to give something original. I'm going to say that it's a bird. And those two things above it show that its beak is open so it's coming into eat.

KING: A butterfly.


RICE: It's a beaver, cut open and skinned. You can see the arms and legs stuck back and the tail.

DILGER: Oh man, oh man. . . . It's a pelt. A skinned raccoon. They have his arms and legs spread out and tacked down. You can see his body and even his tail.

OBEN: Ah, jeez. . . . It looks like a warped maple leaf, you know the Canadian symbol.

YODER: I don't know what ... that is. I'm going to go with an ink blot that's part of a psychology test. How's that?

KING: That's a metamorphosis of something. It was one thing and now it's becoming something else. Like busting out.


RICE: That's a cat. No, it's a kitten. And he's trying to escape for his life. He's already cut open. He's road kill.

DILGER: At the top, it looks like two toilets. You can see the back of the toilet and the two seats. And there are two thumbs point out. The bottom is a mess.

OBEN: Those are two aliens facing each other at war.

YODER: This one's easy. There are two native Americans. You can see there headpieces. Looks like they are about to kiss. One's a male and one's a female.

KING: Two women. The good and the evil.

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