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Romano unfairly criticizes Marlins ace, manager

Published Sep. 2, 2005

I was ticked off by John Romano's comments regarding the Marlins manager's decision to use Josh Beckett to start Game 6 of the World Series (Beckett should rest for Game 7, Oct. 25). Where does he get off calling Beckett a "potty-mouthed prodigy"? Romano proved to be stupid, and Jack McKeon proved to be brilliant. What Major League Baseball team did Romano play for? Next year, I hope we have a new columnist with better predictions.

Betty Dobson


Yanks aren't only team to try to buy title

The hypocrisy in sports journalism is astounding. Plenty of writers are smug when the Yankees lose, but we hear nothing from them when teams who have bought (or tried to buy) championships have fallen by the wayside. Does anyone remember Arizona two years ago? It doesn't even make it to the playoffs without hired guns Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling. How about Baltimore of the '90s? How about this year's Boston team that had only two players brought up from within its system.

The Yankees? How many of their stars are from within the farm system? All-Star shortstop? Farm product. Veteran centerfielder? Farm. Lights-out closer? Farm. By no means do they go after any and every free agent, as some would lead you to believe. The difference is the Yankees have other elements that make them successful (coaching, heart, etc). Unfortunately, chasing success is seemingly a reason to be demonized.

Vincent O'Shea


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