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Spring Hill should honor deserving veterans, too

Editor: I was very disappointed on Memorial Day to find that there was no sort of service at Veterans Memorial Park on Spring Hill Drive. This is a memorial park, with a memorial to all the men who gave the supreme sacrifice in the various armed forces.

In past years, there has always been some sort of service at the memorial. What happened to the massing of the colors at Veterans Park? Every year, I looked forward to seeing the representatives of the various veterans groups and the local dignitaries. I even enjoyed the speeches.

Now I find there will be a Veterans Day Parade in Brooksville. That's good, but what about Spring Hill? Why is Veterans Memorial Park so named if we are going to ignore the memorial?

In past years, I remember generals visiting and giving speeches and honorary airplane flyovers. And this was during peacetime. Right now, there are young men and women serving their country on foreign soil. What will their Veterans Day services consist of? And what are their families in Spring Hill thinking? That these young lives are not worth a service at a dedicated memorial park?

In October, I attended a meeting of Brooksville Chapter 67 of the Disabled American Veterans. At this meeting, I was awarded a pin for being a member of the DAV for 30 years. I was astonished to hear Ken Wrinkle, Hernando County's veterans services officer, state there would be no services this year at Veterans Memorial Park on Veterans Day. What gives? Politics? Pressure? Or does the county consider the veterans of Spring Hill disposable?

Most of the veterans here are elderly and cannot make the trip to Brooksville. Is gratis bus transportation going to be available for these men and women?

If it is impossible to have a service at the dedicated memorial at Veterans Memorial Park, it seems that the very least the county could do would be to provide bus transportation from the park to Brooksville so that veterans (and voters) of Spring Hill would not feel like stepchildren in this county.

Robert Garbacki

Spring Hill

"Win-win' situation clears up everything

Editor: The long article, Road to the future or taken for a ride, in the Oct. 26 Times, was getting more and more disturbing with each well-researched, well-written paragraph by staff writer Will Van Sant.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt relieved when I read what the three prominent businessmen said, "What we did was a win-win for all players involved."

Whew! What a relief!

John Albert

Spring Hill

Skate park rules need clarification

Editor: I would like to let Hernando County Parks and Recreation Director Pat Fagan know that the skateboard park is not running the way it should be running.

First, they have a sign that reads, "Skate at your own risk." That insinuates that Hernando County wouldn't care if a kid leaves his brains splashed all over the concrete. It should be a sign that reads, "No helmet, no skating." That way, children who go there will have to wear helmets and protect their lives.

Another thing, Hernando County has an ordinance for bicyclists to wear helmets. You seldom see kids wear helmets when riding them.

If you put out an ordinance, it should be enforced. Give fines like other counties do.

Rachael Rodriguez

Spring Hill