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ER records show teenage prankster was shot in back

A 16-year-old boy killed during a seemingly innocent late-night prank was shot in the back, according to emergency room records.

The medical reports were released Saturday by the attorney for the teen's parents, who said they show he posed no threat to the neighbor who shot him.

Mark Andrew Drewes and a friend had been knocking on neighbors' doors and then running away Oct. 25. He was shot by neighbor Jay Steven Levin, 40, who told police he mistook the 6-foot-2 teen for a burglar.

"It shows he was running away," said the Drewes' attorney, Robert Montgomery. "Nobody was coming at (Levin)."

Montgomery announced Friday that he planned to file a wrongful death suit against Levin on behalf of Mark Drewes' parents, Gregory and Luciana Drewes.

Levin has not been charged in the shooting. His attorney, Bo Hitchcock, did not immediately return a phone message Sunday.

Mike Edmondson, spokesman for Palm Beach County State Attorney Barry Krischer, declined to comment on the hospital report.

ACLU joins Islamic group urging Duval bus inquiry

JACKSONVILLE _ The American Civil Liberties Union joined an Islamic group in urging an investigation of two incidents in which about 20 Muslim students were allegedly removed from a Duval County school bus and not allowed to board another.

ACLU officials said Saturday they were backing the Council on American-Islamic Relations' request. They allege that two different First Student bus drivers singled out Muslim students Wednesday and again Friday.

The children, who are from 10 to 14 years old, are recent immigrants from the Middle East and Central Asia. Many of the students were wearing religious attire. The version of events differs between the students and school officials.

Council officials said the Muslim students were ordered off the bus Wednesday for talking loudly, but no non-Muslim students were singled out. School officials said the students were returned to school because of disciplinary problems.

Duval County school system spokeswoman Brenda English said that on Friday, school authorities tried twice to take the students to school, but the students refused to board the bus.

A telephone at First Student offices did not accept messages Sunday.

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