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Cops arrest man, say he promised to shoot them

Published Sep. 2, 2005

Alfonso Williams Jr. told several people in the Robles Park public housing complex that he would shoot a police officer if one tried to arrest him.

He told so many people, in fact, that Tampa officers heard about his threats. Supervisors issued safety bulletins at roll calls, just in case any officer encountered Williams on the street.

In the end, it was someone in the neighborhood who turned Williams in.

For the past month, Williams, 18, has been wanted in connection with two armed robberies. He had always managed to elude officers who were looking for him.

But on Sunday, Officer Chad Hughes got a call from an informant in Robles Park.

The tipster said Williams was sitting on the porch of 3724 N Avon Ave. The caller even gave a detailed description of what Williams was wearing.

Officers quickly "developed a plan" to arrest Williams, said Tampa police spokesman Joe Durkin said. They converged on the neighborhood, blocking streets and exits.

When officers stormed in, Williams was ordered to the ground at gunpoint. He did not move, Durkin said, and officers tackled him. No one was hurt.

Officers found 132 grams of marijuana in his pocket, $314 in cash and a handcuff key. He did not have a gun with him.

Under state law, it is illegal to possess a handcuff key. Florida banned them in response to the 1998 killings of two Tampa police detectives and a Florida Highway Patrol trooper by Hank Earl Carr, who used a hidden handcuff key to escape from police custody.

Williams was being held in lieu of $179,000 bail at the Hillsborough jail.