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IRS issues list of returned refunds

Not filing that change of address could end up costing some Pasco residents.

More than 168 taxpayers here are owed either an advanced child care tax credit or regular refunds, the Internal Revenue Service is reporting.

So what kind of money are we talking about?

The minimum refund was $2.50.

The maximum? $56,376. (Sorry, the IRS isn't saying who the big beneficiary is.)

"You do wonder how could someone miss that much money," IRS spokeswoman Gloria Sutton said Monday.

Statewide, more than 18,200 Floridians are missing out on tax refunds and/or child tax credit checks, in large part, because of bad addresses or post office mixups.

The average Pasco refund is about $400.

A number of taxpayers might not even know they have money coming to them, thanks to the advanced child tax credit, distributed for the first time this summer. The credit, $600 per child on the 2002 tax forms, was increased to a maximum of $1,000 per child in 2003.

In New Port Richey, Shelly Chaney knew about the program but wondered what was taking so long getting her check. After moving to a new house and filing their 2002 tax returns, she and her husband had yet to see the credit.

Their names are on the IRS' list.

"I kept asking my friends, and they all got theirs months ago," she said Monday. A ZIP code mix-up was to blame. "I mailed it (the corrected address) today."

Others might not be aware of the funds, Sutton said.

"This is the first time we've done (the credits) this summer. Some people didn't even know they were eligible for them," she said. "You didn't have to do anything or apply; we just mailed them out."

Taxpayers on the IRS list have until Dec. 5 to claim the undelivered checks by logging onto, where the credits and regular refunds can be tracked.

Those who miss the cut-off date for the tax credit must wait until filing next year's returns. In the future, people can file an 8822 Change of Address form with the IRS to ensure their money reaches them.

For now, be it a tax credit or a regular refund, word of her unclaimed money was good news for Elizabeth Phillips of Holiday.

"It might even be we over paid," she said. "Wouldn't that be nice?"

The following is an IRS-released list of Pasco County residents who are owed unclaimed tax refunds or child tax credit checks. For information, or to claim your funds, visit the IRS web site at or contact the agency with questions toll-free at 1-800-829-1040.

Pasco residents eligible for unclaimed funds are:

Christian M. Anderson, Athanasios Antonatos, Timothy A. Arnold, Vincent J. & Mary J. Aspromonte, Robert & Brenda L. Aviles, Natalie K. Baillache-Schewe, James C. Baldwin, Mildred A. Barber, Thomas A. Barden, Michael Bass, Carnes & Gail Battem, Donald J. Bell, Melissa A. Billman, Edna M. Bollinger, Brian P. Brandis, Rosaire F. & Jennifer K. Brault III, George A. Bryan, John L. Carter, John C. Castle, David W. & Shelly D. Chaney, Nellouise Christie, Sandra K. Clary, Rodolfo Concepcion, Robert W. & Marjorie C. Condit, Steven Coonfield, Frank A. Crescente Jr., Gregory A. Daloisio, Charles Davenport, Jerry & Rosemary Degraff Jr., Candy A. Demun, John J. Deng, Samuel Difeo, Theo Russel & Nan H. Edwards Jr., Ronald H. & Francisca Enoch, David M. Farmer, Kevin Flinn, Troy S. Foley, Carlos & Olivia Fonseca, Zanetta R. Ford, Crystal D. Foster, Juanita Garcia, J.S. Gardner, Douglas E. Gasperak, Elwyn D. Gordon, Alice A. Gore, Nancy M. Goss, Steven D. & Yvette A. Gould, James D. & Shawn R. Graham, William & Melody Guillette, James D. & Jacqueline D. Hall, Ashraf & Miranda Hanna, Mark D. Hansen, Susan D. Heckler, Larry E. & Paula S. Hensley, Rayburn A. Heyne, Chris L. Holdridge, Mary Joyce Horvath, Paul C. Hramika, Rasid & Alisa Husejnovic, Robyn K. Hyde, Mustafa & Raska Imamovic, Jerry P. Jackson II, Marjorie H. Jacobs, Daniel & Stella R. Jaurequi, Mark A. Johnson, Richard A. Johnson, Karlo D. Jones, Marko Karoftis Jr., Pamela G. Kilich, Klaus H. & Herty Kindler, Joel C. & Deborah A. Knickerbocker, James J. Lawson, Stuart W. Lawton Jr., Evelyn Lee, Anna M. Lester, Arthur K. & Charlotte J. Lowry, Joshua D. Luka, Patrick A. & Bobbie S. Killian Lyons, Joshua G. & Melissa A. Macnear, Florrie M. Madill, Henry D. Malone, Stephanie Manticos, Clifford & Kathy Martin III, Patricia A. Matthews, Terry J. McCarraher, Trevor & Donna McCracken, T. & D. Brunner-McDonnell, Fidel Mendez, Alfred C. Meyers, Timothy T. Midkiff, Kelly M. Miller, Seth R. Mitchell, Greivin M. Morales, William & Sarah Morrison, Brian R. Mulford, Ronald & Jacqueline Mumma, Allen E. & Kristina L. Moser Musgrave, Devin & Elizabeth Naccarato, Darran & Tammy Nash, Robert E. Nelson, Nellie L. Nesbit, Van T. Nguyen, Vito J. & Joy L. Nixon, Thor Olsen, Robert & Mary B. Page, Frank M. Pascale, Johnny R. Peel, Kevin & Susan Pelphrey, Robert G. Peters, Charles and Elizabeth Phillips, Aaron & Shnell Pierce, Debra Linn Poe, Elva L. Ponce, Donald & Claire Prescott, Marlene A. Price, Doris J. Rhoads, Keith R. Riley, Cypress Roberts, Kim L. Roberts, Brenda L. Robinson, Brenda L. Robinson, Tina O. Royer, Lucy Rucker-Mollenkof, Roy D. Rydbom, Amanda Sadler, Ernesto Salazar, Benjamin Sanchez, Michael T. Sanders, Ford & Antonia Schmidt, Jimmy E. Schumacher, Charles Sfakios, Arlene F. Sipple, Lisa Sirabella, Gerald & April Slaughter, Douglas Southerd, Anthony J. Spagna, Donald P. Spinelli, David W. Stephen, Daniel Stoll, Lisa M. Story, Harry A. Stough, Carl A. Taylor, Justin K. Taylor, Ronald J. Thoma, Dale W. Thompson, Bruce L. Torbit, Michael & Gabriela Tracey, Rosemary H. Tuttle, Derick W. Vassar, salvador & E. Vazquez, Samuel Wallace, Carrole & Noel Ward, Bertie N. Webb, Michael S. Weeks, Clara W. Whalen, Robert & Lucille Whitlark.