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Winners named in spirited contest

(ran South, East editions)

Judges picked winners Friday for Historic Old Northeast homes with the best Halloween decorations.

The tradition has entered its seventh or eighth year, said Cynthia Serra, whose home took third place.

Children help judge the winners. There is also one prize awarded for a theme decoration.

Here are the results and descriptions furnished by neighbors.

+ First Place: Joan Christie, 356 20th Ave. NE. Through a big bay window, visitors could see a roomful of monsters partying inside a well-lit room festooned with pumpkins.

+ Second Place: Shirley and Jeff Brooks, 235 Seventh Ave. NE. Behind a filmy upstairs window shine flashing lights and other ghostly apparitions.

+ Third Place: Allison Butler and Cynthia Serra, 1000 Third St. N. "We had a graveyard theme," Serra said. "All kinds of snakes and rats and crows, and a 3-foot spider coming down."

+ Theme: Renee Celli and Anne Glover, 605 16th Ave. NE. The football-themed "Fourth and Ghoul."

"The lawn was filled with these football player ghouls," said Rick Carson, who helped organize the event.

Judges will surprise winners with gift certificates, with details still to be arranged.

Serra said the tradition of judging decorations, like other holiday events, helps maintain spirit and interest in the association.

"By doing activities like these, you get a lot of participation," she said.