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Redfish continue to be the story on the flats near the Anclote River region. Reds have been using recent major tidal cycles to gather into large schools. On the lower half of the tide, these herds are roaming the flats. On the peak of high tide, these schools are settling near mangrove shorelines, oyster bars and weed patches.

Snook have been on the move and continue to feed well when you can find them. Many have started to make their way up the area's rivers in anticipation of winter. A full well of live greenbacks usually makes them easy to locate. Five minutes of live chumming a dock or oyster bar usually will indicate if any are in the area. Snook prefer strong currents and lots of structure.

Braided lines are more abrasion-resistant than monofilament, so use them when fishing around structure, especially docks and oyster bars. Using a cork will help you monitor your bait to make sure it stays in the strike zone.

Chumming these areas also will garner the attention of the mangrove snapper, jack crevalles and ladyfish that are so numerous in rivers. These species often help pass the time between snook bites.

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