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Prosecutor jumps into the county judge race

The race for county judge is heating up and promises to be as interesting as in years past.

Three now vie for the position of county judge, because Assistant State Attorney Don Scaglione filed to run on Tuesday.

County Judge Peyton Hyslop, who was first sworn into office in January 1990, committed to run again for re-election last week.

Assistant State Attorney Nicole Klapka has also filed to run.

The job pays $121,375 a year. The judge handles the county's small claims, traffic and misdemeanor cases.

Scaglione, 44, has practiced law since 1985. He joined the State Attorney's Office in Hernando County in 1990. He started as an office supervisor and in 1993 was promoted to the homicide division.

In 1998 Scaglione challenged Judge Hyslop and captured 46 percent of the vote.

"I feel, as I did in 1998, that I have a lot to offer this county," Scaglione said Tuesday.

The non-partisan race for county judge will be decided during the Aug. 31 primaries.