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Recipe for a healthful breakfast

(ran ST edition)

Fruit, granola and yogurt can combine in many refreshing ways for easy healthful breakfasts to serve up in parfait glasses.

Remember: Eating breakfast is the best way to boost your metabolism and get your body going in the morning.

Here are a few variations to try, based on the use of } cup nonfat yogurt, { cup fresh or frozen fruit, 1{ teaspoons no-sugar-added preserves and { cup of low-fat granola, per serving.

Spoon half of the yogurt into a tall glass; add half the fruit, half the preserves and half of the granola; repeat layers.

+ Vanilla yogurt; strawberries, blueberries or peaches; strawberry preserves; low-fat granola.

+ Strawberry yogurt; strawberries and sliced bananas; strawberry preserves; low-fat granola.

+ Peach yogurt; diced fresh or frozen peaches and 1 tablespoon chopped, toasted pecans.

+ Coconut yogurt; mandarin oranges, canned pineapple pieces; apricot-pineapple preserves; low-fat yogurt.