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Statement about Ozello Water was tainted

Editor: Re: Listen first and annex later, editorial, Sunday Citrus Times.

I was shocked at this statement referring to Ozello Water: "There are indications the water may be tainted." Because this is an incorrect statement regarding Ozello Water, I would like to know where and from whom you received your information.

In 1992 Ozello Water Association Inc. abandoned its well sites due to salt intrusion. We have purchased water from Citrus County since 1992. The Citrus County wells are monitored by Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the local Health Department. Samples of the water are tested on a regular schedule per FDEP.

We have taken several calls from customers who are upset about your statement about the water. To assure our customers, we would appreciate your letting the public know the facts.

Linda Elliott-Volmar, general manager

Ozello Water Association

New TechBridge program

will click with kids

Editor: I heartily applaud the new TechBridge program in Crystal River, as reported in the Citrus Times on Dec. 23. It is great to hear of some effort being made to teach kids something about computer games and to communicate with their friends on the Internet.

When I was a kid, I built my first radio from parts ordered from Sears Roebuck and my first car from components salvaged from the local junkyard. These experiences eventually led to a rewarding career on the research staff of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (later renamed NASA).

Among other things, I designed and built some of the first analog computers used by this organization to study the dynamics of airplanes and space probes.

I should love to attend Rich Snyder's classes and build my own modern computer, but I guess I am a bit over the age limit.

Doug Garner, Hernando