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Council member seeks third term

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Veteran council member Scott Chittum said Thursday that he intends to seek another term on the City Council.

Chittum, 40, announced that he will run again for his third and final two-year term on the council during the city's April 13 municipal election. The job pays $3,600 annually.

"I feel that my experience on council will help," Chittum said of the city's projected budget crunch. "I don't want to see us digging into the redevelopment fund to pay for administration."

Chittum, who works as a sales representative for Humana in Zephyrhills and Tampa, was first elected to the council in 2000. He grew up in New Port Richey.

Chittum said he made the decision to run again last week after considering a promotion opportunity with Humana. Mayor Frank Parker also was up for re-election in April but said he does not intend to run again.

Although Chittum would be eligible to run for mayor, he said Thursday he has no interest in doing so.

"I don't have the time to dedicate myself to something like that," he said, noting the ceremonial appearances the position requires.

No one has announced plans to run for mayor. Qualifying is Feb. 10-17.

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