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Ex-girlfriend says teen stalked her

The 16-year-old told deputies the problems with her ex-boyfriend started after she broke up with him. A few weeks ago she had complained to Pasco sheriff's deputies that John Anthony Lombardo was making threatening phone calls.

Wednesday morning she found taped to her front door her school picture, which she had given to Lombardo, 19.

A bullet hole was drawn on her forehead in black ink.

That evening she found the family cat's collar lying in the driveway on Daphne Street. But the cat was missing.

About 9 p.m., Lombardo stopped in front of the girl's house in his mother's car and beeped his horn, a Sheriff's Office report said. Then he drove away.

Shortly after, she found a note taped to the back window of her mother's car. In big block letters it read, "Meow."

The girl provided deputies with Lombardo's name, address and telephone number. When Deputy Don Riggans called him, Lombardo said he did leave the photo but had nothing to do with the cat.

Riggans went to Lombardo's home at 1355 Landau St. in Holiday late Wednesday night to speak with him in person.

The deputy carried with him a note Lombardo had written weeks ago. At the note's bottom, Lombardo had written "Love" in the same block letters as the "Meow" in the other note, the deputy's report said.

Riggans also told Lombardo that the tape on the photograph looked much like the tape on the "Meow" note.

Confronted with this evidence, Lombardo still denied involvement.

But Lombardo's mother, who was with him, stepped in.

"You mean that roll of Scotch tape that you just carried into the house earlier," she said.

After that the mother retrieved a note pad from inside the house. On it the deputy could see indented in large block letters: "Meow."

After his arrest, Lombardo admitted to taking the cat. He said he had released it in the center of Sims Park.

He was being held in the county jail Thursday in lieu of $1,500, facing a charge of stalking. Deputies referred a charge of petit theft, for the theft of the cat, to the State Attorney's Office.