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C.J. Quiri is one of the county's most improved players, but he is worried some of his answers will embarrass him. But the idea here is not to embarrass. If it were, we would tell you C.J. stands for Clayton Jean'heur. So what if Quiri had to go out to his car to get his driver's license because he couldn't spell Jean'heur, his middle name and grandmother's maiden name.

JC: Four points a game last year, up to 13.2 this year. Not bad.

CJ: I was just a sophomore last year. I was inexperienced. The game is a lot slower for me this year.

JC: Things have been a little lean at East Lake the past few years. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

CJ: I think so. We just have to keep working at it. I think we can go to the playoffs.

JC: Everyone says that. Really, why should I believe you?

CJ: Because I think we actually have a good team if we start working together.

JC: Did you watch the State of the Union address the other night?

CJ: A little bit. I paid attention when he started talking about sports.

JC: That was all bad. All about steroids.

CJ: Yeah, I know. Tom Brady was there. What was up with that?

JC: I'm asking the questions here, mister. So, weapons of mass destruction . . . we going to find them?

CJ: Yeah.

JC: Really? You think so?

CJ: Yeah. I guess.

JC: Best center you've played against?

CJ: Probably (PHU's) A.J. Tyler, I'd think.

JC: You listen to rap. So have you ever sat your parents down and made them try and appreciate it?

CJ: I actually have.

JC: Didn't work out, did it?

CJ: No, they didn't make it through one song and told me to turn it off right away.

JC: Favorite TV show?

CJ: Pardon the Interruption.

JC: Who's right most of the time, Wilbon or Kornheiser?

CJ: Wilbon.

JC: If you could take any celebrity to the prom, who would it be?

CJ: Britney Spears.

JC: And if she happens to be married that weekend?

CJ: Ummmm.

JC: Anyone in the world you can take to prom.

CJ: I ummmm

JC: C.J., you're a teenage boy. Work with me here.

CJ: Well.

JC: Okay, funniest guy on your team?

CJ: John Campbell. I just look at him, and we start laughing.

JC: Best looking?

CJ: Me.

JC: (Cough cough). Favorite Joe Bloznalis saying?

CJ: The day (so-and-so) plays (defense), you'll have to electroshock him back to coherence. I don't even know what that means.