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Police: Man wanted boy to kill brother

A man in Houston, Pa., tried to induce his 10-year-old stepson to kill his 4-year-old brother by playing a tape while the older boy slept that urged him to smother or strangle his sibling, police said. Donald Winniewicz, 36, was arrested Wednesday and jailed on charges of solicitation to commit homicide. Authorities said his wife found the tape in a file cabinet and gave it to police earlier this month. On the tape, Winniewicz urges the boy to smother his younger brother with a pillow or strangle him, said James Horvath, police chief in Chartiers Township, outside Pittsburgh. Winniewicz played the tape in October as the boy slept, Horvath said. The boy told his mother he remembered hearing voices, authorities said. Winniewicz was jailed on $50,000 bail. It was not immediately clear if he had an attorney.

Doctors remove 176-pound tumor

Lucica Bunghez of Brasov, Romania, was reported in stable condition Thursday after doctors removed a 176-pound benign tumor in an eight-hour operation. The woman, who weighs 88 pounds without the tumor, "felt free after the tumor was removed," said Dr. Ioan Lascar, who teamed with Dr. McKay McKinnon, a plastic surgeon from Chicago, and 12 other doctors in Wednesday's operation. Bunghez, 46, suffers from neurofibromatosis, a progressive disorder of the nervous system that causes disfiguring tumors to form on nerves throughout the body. Because of the tumor, which covered much of her back and ran halfway down her thighs, Bunghez has been bedridden and unable to care for herself for three years. She still will need to undergo a skin reconstruction operation.


Prince Charles may be questioned

London's police commissioner said Thursday that his investigation of Princess Diana's death could include questioning Prince Charles. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens, asked in a British Broadcasting Corp. television interview if his evidence-gathering would involve questioning the royal family, replied, "If that's necessary, we'll do that." Asked if that could include Prince Charles, he said, "Absolutely."

Walker is naked, free and finished

A man walking the length of Britain naked to promote public nudity finally reached his destination Thursday. Stephen Gough, 44, spent most of his seven-month journey behind bars and was arrested 16 times during the 847-mile trek from Land's End in southwest England. Having started in June 2003, Gough reached John O'Groats in far north Scotland just before night fell Thursday, cheered on by a group of local residents. "My body is part of me and it's not shameful, it's who I am," he said after taking a celebratory sip of champagne.