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Recycling fee policy unfair to residents

Re: Recycling fees:

Editor: I don't mind paying my fair share of anything, but I resent being burdened with recycling fees if the whole county isn't sharing equally, particularly because I've always carried my recyclables to the bins at least once a week when I'm in town.

And I am infuriated at Waste Management for billing me for services I didn't use while out of town.

I informed Waste Management in March 2003 to suspend my trash pickup because I was going out of town. When I returned in December and called to resume pickup, they sent me a bill for the five months I was gone.

What I originally read about this absurd taxation stated that Waste Management said residents in the three ZIP codes complained the most about litter. Although I'm angered every morning about the litter dumped in my yard, I have never complained.

Recycling will have no effect on the slobs who ride around all night dumping papers, cups, and boxes from McDonald's, Taco Bell or KFC, plus soda and beer bottles and cans, on residential yards. Stricter enforcement of litter laws might help, but law officers aren't going to ride around all night trying to catch litterers.

I think Spring Hill residents in the three ZIP codes should hold another Tea Party by dumping all their trash in the Gulf of Mexico and refusing any service.

Bobbie Lynch, Spring Hill

Peaceful "country road'

disrupted after repaving

Editor: Since Barclay Avenue was repaved from Highgrove to State Road 50, traffic has increased tenfold. School buses caravan down the road (why can't they use California?); heavy equipment trucks are plowing their way down to the construction sites on Elgin Boulevard (disregarding the "no thru trucks" sign); and new homes have contributed to the excess traffic.

Is there some way we can retrieve our "country road?"

With reference to the recent letters about Waste Management, I don't even want to go there, except to say I continue to buy new garbage cans.

And the latest cable TV rate increase? We need competition in this wonderful county of ours.

June Davis, Brooksville