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Volunteers are needed to teach children fire safety

Published Aug. 27, 2005

The Fire Prevention Section of the Citrus County Department of Public Safety needs your help using the Fire Safety House to teach children to be fire safe. As a staff member, you become an instant hit. When not participating in the program, you are recognized by many of the children. The thank-yous and satisfaction of giving them information that may prevent them from injury or save their lives is payment in itself.

Since April 1997, the Fire Safety House has been presented to 11,891 participants, more than 85 percent of whom are children, in 887 workshops at 155 functions. Most programs are presented to elementary schools. The Fire Safety House program is extremely important in preventing injuries and deaths caused by fire.

Fire Prevention will provide the necessary training to present the fire safety programs and to operate the Fire Safety House.

Anyone who has the time and desire to assist in the Fire Safety House program should call Kenneth Clamer at the Fire Prevention Office, 527-5407.