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These colors are just slightly off the wall

Who names these colors, and what were they thinking? From Dutch Boy Paints come these shades for the new year: Boothill Brown, Uphill Climb and Dungeon Bronze. Now that you're thoroughly depressed and exhausted, hear the explanations: Boothill Brown (Boot Hill is where cowboys are buried after a shootout) is in the "Love Thy Neighbor" palette, which is supposed to honor diversity, relationships and an appreciation of cultures, one's own and those of others. (Hence, additional colors such as Victory Red _ over which of those neighbors? _ and Glockenspiel Brown.) The "Namaste" palette, which brings us Uphill Climb, a willowy green, is marked by acceptance of oneself and others, harmony and spiritual outlook. Dungeon Brown is in the "History in the Making" lineup, which reflects tradition, permanence and longing for the past. Well, not if you were the one in that dungeon.

Jewelry appraisals; furniture gems

Jeanenne Bell, the jewelry appraiser from Antiques Roadshow, will be at Burdines Countryside Furniture Gallery in Clearwater from noon to 4 p.m. Jan. 31 to provide free jewelry appraisals. Her appearance coincides with the introduction of the Antiques Roadshow Collection by Pulaski Furniture, based on unique items discovered on the show. They include bedroom, dining and accent pieces in contemporary and traditional styles.

It's time to shift seasons

This is it, folks: the official weekend to get rid of the Christmas poinsettias. The holidays are over, the poinsettias have served long and well, and now they look like the ghost of Christmas past. The tree is long gone; the flowers should be too. Replace them with a bouquet of tulips for a breath of spring.

_ Compiled by Homes editor JUDY STARK