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Attendance at Dr. King parade lacks diversity

Published Aug. 27, 2005

I was one of the white folks participating in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade on Monday. I could have easily been convinced that St. Petersburg is a predominantly African-American city based on the spectators at curbside. It is very sad that almost half a century since the Supreme Court's Brown vs. Board of Education decision that the white kids were so poorly represented in the school marching units.

When will Dr. King's vision of a truly integrated America happen in this society?

Patrick Murray, St. Petersburg

Older drivers aren't making people late

Re: Older drivers should avoid rush hour.

I am a bit slow in responding to the Jan. 14 letter (perhaps, old age) and agreed, for the most part, with the responses published on Jan. 18.

However, I did not read anything close to my complaints about younger drivers. I am approaching my 79th birthday and, thankfully, have not had an accident since I began driving at age 18.

I have been driving in St. Petersburg for more than 20 years and have seen the gradual increase in traffic and far more evidence of imprudent driving. Almost everyone, it seems, from the age of 25 to 50 years has so much pressing business that they are constantly talking on their cell phones.

I also see them darting in and out of traffic, causing the "oldsters" to be particularly careful at intersections as they spin wheels and jump the lights.

I also see young women combing their hair, applying makeup, drinking coffee or something else. They are really in a hurry. Late for work, perhaps?

I attempt always to maintain the posted speed limit in the far right lane, and it seems that almost everyone passes me. Who is at fault here?

It is my hope to continue driving as long as I feel qualified, and if I should happen to get into the letter writer's way, I suggest that he leave home 15 minutes earlier and he won't have to ruin his day with a case of road rage directed at older drivers.

Kay Rogers, St. Petersburg