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Complaints about recycling not based in fact

Re: Curbside recycling:

Editor: Some people just can't see the forest for the trees (or plastic milk, water, detergent and bleach containers, metal and aluminum cans, or old newspapers). The purpose of recycling is to keep stuff like this out of landfills and to lessen the destruction of our one and only environment in the production of these items.

We keep reading letters here about how much it is costing (about $19.20 per year) us poor, suffering homeowners in Spring Hill. Also, how it is physically impossible for most of us to get those massive containers out to the street, or how those evil sanitation workers either won't take the stuff or spill it on streets and lawns.

I have a feeling there is more to this letter-writing campaign against our trash collectors than meets the eye.

Granted, some folks feel it is their alienable right as Americans to use up as much of the earth's resources as possible before they die. Most don't have children or grandchildren, or if they do, don't care about them or their future anyway. I just wish they would stop telling bald-faced lies.

The writers complain about how the majority of us are too elderly to get to the street or mailbox. If you can get your trash can out to the street, you can drag those little blue and green containers there. If you are accumulating that much stuff in two weeks and they are that heavy, you should be happy to keep all of it from being buried.

As for the garbage guys being sloppy, we've lived in our home since 1988 and not once have they done anything but provide great service. It appears to be hard work in all types of weather. Try thanking them once in a while, or leave a little tip at Christmas.

Why haven't I seen one letter about the price of gasoline going through the roof? If you are like me, you've been forced to pay the greedy oil billionaires more in the past two months than you will pay for recycling in five years.

This is a good program. It makes us civilized.

Fred Montgomery, Spring Hill

Thanks to photographer for sharing Florida's beauty

Editor: Times photojournalist Kevin White has painted so many beautiful pictures with his camera. His portraits have always been excellent, but the last two Florida scenes, in color, surpassed my high expectations.

Thank you, Mr. White, for sharing your artistic abilities.

Ida Seufert, Brooksville