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Owens sharply criticizes QB, wants to nab another

Just when you thought Terrell Owens couldn't be more outspoken or outrageous comes his latest salvo against 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia, who presumably will not be throwing to Owens in the near future.

On his Web site,, the controversial Pro Bowl receiver recently slammed Garcia's ability and gave strong indication he would not be re-signing with the 49ers if Garcia is at the helm.

"I'm willing to work out a contract if the Niners can get a quarterback to match my skills as a receiver," Owens wrote. "A receiver is only as good as his quarterback."

A free agent on March 2, Owens made it clear the 49ers are not a front-runner to re-sign him. In fact, he talked about other teams and in particular, other quarterbacks.

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Owens gushed about Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

"Jeff is not someone that's a pocket passer that's going to throw the ball 50 yards down the field," Owens said. "On the flip side, McNabb can throw that pass, but has guys who struggle to turn them into something."

Owens' agent, David Joseph, said some of his clients comments on the Web site were in response to questions and others were taken out of context.

He added, however, "Does he want to play with Donovan McNabb? Of course he does. But Terrell has always had respect for Jeff and his abilities. Quarterbacks have different strengths and weaknesses. It's no secret that Jeff doesn't have the strongest arm in the league."

STILL LABORING: During his days in Tampa, Tony Dungy never missed the chance to take a shot at officials, and he hasn't changed much.

Dungy and the Colts were miffed by noncalls, particularly two plays late in the game Sunday on tight end Marcus Pollard.

"The disappointing thing to me is there were some things that happened in the game that I just know in my heart in the regular season would be penalties," Dungy told the Indianapolis Star. "Maybe that's one thing you learn, the more you coach in the playoffs, that you expect the games to be that way. Maybe we've got to coach a little differently in the playoffs."

The Colts were particularly unhappy by the physical way in which their receivers were handled by the Patriots secondary.

"Not only let you play but not call any penalties," Dungy said, referring to the last two plays of the game. "It's one thing to let you play, but it's another thing to ignore fouls that happen."

On his weekly show on the NFL Network, Mike Pereira, the NFL's director of officiating, had a diplomatic response.

"I'd never take a look at yesterday's game and look at one or two plays," Pereira said. "I'd look at the total picture to see if it was officiated properly."

NOW, HERE'S SOMETHING INTERESTING: Bengals coach Marvin Lewis dismissed a rumor that the team has an offer for running back Corey Dillon. The rumor was Dallas had offered a draft pick for Dillon. Dillon, a free agent who said his goodbyes to the franchise at season's end, has been rumored as a possible fit in Tampa Bay. Lewis said neither he nor team president Mike Brown has talked to any team about a trade.

HISTORY LESSON: This was Bucs GM Bruce Allen's explanation for denying the Bears permission to talk to Bucs defensive line coach Rod Marinelli: "I have no idea how the Bears can make any assumptions. Of all the franchises in the NFL, the Bears ought to have knowledge of what the rules are regarding assistant coaches. They're coach (George) Halas' rules. Their assumption was obviously incorrect."

In 1966, Allen's father, George, now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, asked to leave his assistant position under Halas to take the coaching job with the Los Angeles Rams, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Halas sued and won the case in court. Satisfied with what he called, "the sanctity of a contract," Halas reportedly praised the judge for the ruling and then allowed Allen to leave anyway, making his point.

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