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Mother did best thing to help son

Re: Ex-girlfriend says teen stalked her, Jan. 23.

Editor: I would like to commend the mother of John Anthony Lombardo for helping the deputies when they questioned her son.

When someone's behavior is unhealthy, it is not uncommon for those closest to protect them or live in denial. Unfortunately, that contributes to the problem and never to a solution. What his mom did was the right thing.

To be rejected by someone can be very painful, but there is a healthy way to accept it and move on.

I would also like to commend the ex-girlfriend for not being intimidated by this man's actions. She has the right to choose whom she wants to be with. I hope he gets the help he needs for dealing with rejection.

Joan Galas, Land O'Lakes

Letter writer out of line in pushing his agenda on the county majority

Re: Acceptance of racism comes home to roost, Jan. 25 letter.

Editor: In response the the writer's letter regarding racism in Pasco County and the Chasco Fiesta, there is one phrase, "For the people, by the people."

The majority rules in this country, and since the Chasco Fiesta has been with us for 80 years, the majority must want it. Also, the actions of a few people do not make Pasco County racist. I failed to see any mention of the young killer of one of our sheriff's lieutenants, I guess because he killed a black officer.

It is the letter writer and his cohorts who play the race card and any other ultra liberal wordage to overcome the desires of the majority and push their personal choices.

Jack Kinney, Port Richey

Holiday residents should protest against unfair assessment fee

Editor: Well here we go again. Several years ago, the citizens of Tanglewood I and II subdivisions of New Port Richey found themselves facing assessments upward of $2,000 and for what? To repave their roads. We were told what a great chance this was for us to upgrade our community.

Yeah, out of our pocketbooks into their (City Council) hands. Well, we got together and decided to fight. It took us close to a year but when all was said and done, we cut our cost to less than half the original estimates. Think this would have happened if we hadn't protested in mass? You bet it wouldn't!

I can clearly feel for the plight of our neighbors in Holiday. My advice to you is get an organization like the one put together in New Port Richey and then protest! Use banners and put protesters in front of County Commission meetings. Have someone contact all the local news stations and papers and get your side of the unfairness of assessments out to the public.

Once and for all, get the politicians off the backs of taxpayers and out of their pockets!

William R. Liska, New Port Richey