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Sweden's $500,000 Crafoord Prize, given annually for research in areas not recognized by the Nobel Prizes, went to two Americans on Thursday. Eugene C. Butcher of Stanford University and Timothy A. Springer of Harvard Medical School will share the award for research on white blood cells.


NASA sets aside Day of Remembrance

NASA employees paused Thursday to remember the 17 astronauts who lost their lives over the years. NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe declared that the last Thursday

in every January would be set aside as a Day of Remembrance to honor the memory of the crews of Columbia, Challenger and Apollo 1. All three anniversaries fall within a week. The Apollo 1 fire on the launch pad occurred Jan. 27, 1967. The Challenger launch explosion occurred Jan. 28, 1986. The Columbia disintegration occurred Feb. 1, 2003.


Brazil to deport man for dousing baby

A drunken American who splashed a cup of water in the face of a crying baby during a flight to Brazil will be deported, federal police said Thursday. Ronald Harry Duffy, 35, of Pennsylvania was not allowed into the country after the Miami-Sao Paulo flight Wednesday, said Wagner Castilho, a federal police spokesman. Duffy had been seated next to a Brazilian couple and their baby. "Annoyed with the baby's constant crying, Duffy, who was drunk, threw the contents of a cup of water in the baby's face," Castilho said, adding that flight attendants had to "restrain other passengers who wanted to beat him up."

"Prophet' kicks out 21

men out of enclave

Colorado City, Ariz., and adjoining Hildale, Utah, are strongholds of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The two towns of roughly 7,500 residents are the largest polygamous enclave in the nation, where nearly every man has more than one wife. Earlier this month, the local religious leader, the prophet Warren Jeffs, claimed God had ordered him to expel the mayor and 20 others. He then gave their wives and children to other men. Those expelled have left the community. But law enforcement officials fear they may return, looking for vengeance.


Prince-slapper in trouble again

A Latvian teenager who made headlines two years ago for swatting Britain's Prince Charles with a flower is once again in trouble, this time accused of setting fire to an Education Ministry door to protest school reforms. Alina Lebedeva, 18, appeared Thursday in a district court in Riga, the Baltic nation's capital, on suspicion that she and a 21-year-old started the fire three weeks ago. Firefighters quickly extinguished the flames and there were no injuries.

Russian ship heads for space station

A Russian cargo ship carrying supplies, material for experiments and a spare hose for the international space station blasted off Thursday from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakstan. The unmanned Progress M1-11 is scheduled to dock with the station Saturday, according to Mission Control outside Moscow.