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Seth Metz / Pirates wrestling

The sophomore standout is 20-2 this season in the 171-pound division with a championship in the Kiwanis Invitational at Hernando. Metz was one victory away from reaching state last season. He also plays baseball and football.

Q: In a real wrestling match, how would you fare against The Rock?

SM: I don't know, he's probably pretty strong. I think I could get the upper hand if the rules were applied. If it was an all-out brawl, though, I don't know.

Q: Who is your dream date?

SM: I'd take my mom out to dinner.

Q: What single thing could you not live without?

SM: God.

Q: Which do you enjoy more, comedies or horror flicks?

SM: Comedies. It's fun to kick back with friends and do some laughing. Most scary movies don't appeal to me. I find them stupid.

Q: Can Carolina beat New England in the Super Bowl?

SM: Yes, Carolina can beat New England. They just have to be more physical. New England is a very physical team.

Q: What's the tougher sport to train for, baseball, football or wrestling?

SM: Wrestling, by far. It's a full body sport. You've got to have balance, strength in your arms, legs, back and neck. You're using your whole body. In football, there's a lot of legs and some arms. With baseball, it's a lot of arms, abs and legs.

Q: What is the best thing about high school?

SM: Friends.

Q: How about the worst?

SM: Writing essays. Long essays.

Q: What do you eat before a meet?

SM: A couple of oranges. Anything fruity. I like to eat fruit.

Q: How difficult is cutting weight, and do you think it's dangerous?

SM: If you're cutting extreme amounts, I find that to be dangerous. Plus you'd be tired for your matches. In my case, I'm close to 171 so I don't have to cut that much. I just limit what I eat.


Seth Metz would face up to The Rock in a real match on the mat.