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Brewers to open books for state

Published Aug. 27, 2005

The Brewers will disclose their financial records in hopes of restoring public trust after a tumultuous offseason.

Wisconsin's Legislative Audit Bureau and the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce will conduct separate reviews of the club's finances over the past 10 years, said Rick Schlesinger, the Brewers executive vice president in charge of business operations.

Brewers chief financial officer Bob Quinn will work with the groups when they begin their reviews next week. Reports are expected within 90 days.

"This is unprecedented on several levels," Schlesinger said. "I'm not aware of any professional sports team that's agreed to this level of scrutiny. And, No. 2, the Legislative Audit Bureau usually audits state agencies. It's not in the habit of reviewing private enterprises."

The Brewers have been in discussions for weeks over a review of club finances, which stemmed from an outcry after the November departure of popular team president Ulice Payne, who went public with reservations about plans to trim payroll by 25 percent.

The announcement brought a chorus of criticism for the club's failure to live up to its promise of building a better team in a new stadium.

RODRIGUEZ, TIGERS CLOSE: Ivan Rodriguez's representatives and the Tigers worked to finalize the All-Star catcher's $40-million, four-year contract with the aim of announcing it early next week.

The sides planned to continue work on the agreement this weekend, and the Tigers could hold a news conference Monday to announce the deal, the Associated Press reported.