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Disabled couple struck, killed by hit-run driver

Published Aug. 27, 2005

Police are searching for a driver who allegedly struck and killed an engaged couple as they walked home from a date, then sped away from the scene.

Christopher Prusky, 22, and Jennifer Brannon, 20, were struck about five blocks from Prusky's home Friday night. The couple, both of whom were disabled, were planning to marry in about a year, relatives said.

Police said the impact with the car _ thought to be a maroon Chevrolet Impala, found abandoned about a mile away from the scene _ threw Prusky nearly 50 feet and Brannon about 20. They landed in separate driveways. The driver has not been identified.

"There's absolutely no way (the driver) could not have known what had taken place," said St. Cloud police Lt. Bret Dunn.

Police found the car with its license plate removed and with a sheet covering a crushed windshield and shattered headlights.

Prusky fought several disabilities, including vertigo. Brannon spent much of her life battling seizures and cerebral palsy, her family said.

"If it had to happen, they had to go together," Brannon's mother, Barbara Campbell, said. "They wouldn't have wanted to survive without the other."

St. Cloud is about 28 miles south of Orlando.

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