Published June 12, 2004|Updated Aug. 28, 2005

COLORADO: A grand jury looking into the school's recruiting scandal heard testimony from athletes and a former recruiting aide accused of paying $2,000 to an escort service. The aide, Nathan Maxcey, who testified for two hours without an attorney, said he did not believe he would be indicted. Maxcey, a recruiting aide from June 2002 to July 2003, has said any sexual liaisons he arranged were for him, not athletes.

The grand jury investigation is the first indication criminal charges may be filed over alleged misconduct in the football program, including allegations that sex, drugs and alcohol were used to lure recruits.

Among those testifying last month before the grand jury was Pasha Cowan, who has said Maxcey paid her former escort service $2,000 in cash. Her attorney, Mark Johnson, said she told police and attorneys handling federal lawsuits against the school that Maxcey hired escorts for players. Maxcey repeatedly has denied the claim.

Among the players testifying was linebacker Chris Hollis, who was suspended in February for taking a recruit to a strip club. Lineman Del Scales refused to discuss his testimony but said he hasn't seen anything he would consider improper or illegal during his time at CU. Attorney General Ken Salazar, at the governor's request, has been investigating whether criminal charges are warranted.