Maureen Reagan's husband in motorcade

Published Jun. 26, 2004|Updated Aug. 28, 2005

Question: In all the media coverage of former President Ronald Reagan's death and funeral, I saw nothing about Dennis Revell, Maureen Reagan's husband, and their adopted daughter. What's the story on them?

Answer: Revell is a lobbyist in Sacramento, Calif., where he owns a public relations company. He also is a board member of the National Alzheimer's Association.

Revell participated in a gala at the association's New York City chapter on June 2, at which he read a letter from Nancy Reagan.

Maureen Reagan died of cancer in 2001.

Revell also was seen riding with his fiancee in a motorcade June 7 in connection with the former president's funeral.

Revell and Maureen Reagan adopted a Ugandan girl, Rita Mirembe. She's now about 19 (her exact date of birth isn't known). She was abandoned in Kampala, Uganda, at about age 2, and was raised in an orphanage until February 1994, when Revell and his wife were granted custody as her guardians.

Revell and Maureen Reagan had begun financially supporting the Daughters of Charity orphanages in 1988.

In 2001, President Bush signed into law a bill allowing Rita Mirembe Revell permanent residency in the United States. The bill also allowed her to be adopted by the couple and to be classified as an "immediate relative child."

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