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Hurricane Ivan leaves destructive path

Sept. 5, 5 a.m.

+ Ivan becomes fifth hurricane of 2004 season.

+ Maximum sustained winds increase to near 75 mph with higher gusts.

Sept. 7, Grenada

+ Deaths: 39 in Grenada, 5 in Venezuela, 1 in Tobago, 1 in Barbados, 4 in Dominican Republic

+ Damage: 90 percent of Grenada's homes; criminals escape prison that is destroyed; homes damaged in Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Vincent. High winds and heavy rains flooded Venezuela's north coast.

+ Winds: Category 3 with maximum sustained winds of 120 mph, gusts of 135 mph

Sept. 9

+ Ivan first attains Category 5 status, with winds near 160 mph.

Sept. 11, Jamaica

+ Deaths: 15 in Jamaica, 3 in Haiti

+ Damage: 98 percent of Jamaica without power. Waves more than 30 feet. 15,000 in shelters. 40 roads blocked.

+ Winds: Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds near 155 mph with higher gusts.

Sept. 13, Cuba

+ Deaths: None reported.

Damage: 1,600 tobacco warehoues destroyed. Agriculture flooded. Roads under water. 1.9-million people evacuate. Waves up to 15 feet.

+ Winds: Category 3 with maximum sustained winds of 115 miles, and higher gusts.

Sept. 13, Cayman Islands

+ Deaths: 2

+ Damage: Half the 15,000 homes on Grand Cayman uninhabitable. Five feet of water flood homes. Power lost throughout the island. Storm surge of 8 feet.

+ Winds: Category 5 hurricane with sustained winds of 160 mph and gusts up to 200 mph

Sept. 16, 3 a.m. Central Time

+ Winds: Came ashore as Category 3 130 mph winds. Coastal storm surge flooding of 10 to 16 feet. Rainfall 10 to 15 inches.

Sept. 16, 10 p.m. Central Time

+ Ivan weakens to tropical depression

+ Maximim rainfall accumulations of 8 to 12 inches.

Winds: Maximum sustained winds near 35 mph with higher gusts.


+ Deaths: 16

+ Damage: Eight tornadoes. Destroys quarter-mile of Interstate 10 bridge between Escambia and Santa Rosa. Naval Air Station Pensacola heavily damaged. State insured damage estimates exceed $2.5-billion.


+ Deaths: 4

+ Damage: Much of northern Georgia's Gilmer County under water, with some motor homes floating away. Up to 9 inches of rain in some parts of the state.


+ Deaths: 4

+ Damage: New Orleans area spared major effects.


+ Deaths: 1

+ Damage: Most expensive hurricane in state history. Many gulf-front condominiums damaged. One tornado.

Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland

+ Heavy bands of rain lash Virginia's waterlogged mountains. Nine tornadoes.


+ Deaths: 3

+ Damage: Gulf Coast's 12 casinos reopened. Minor flooding in the three coastal counties but no major structural damage.

South Carolina

+ Deaths: None reported

+ Damage: About 50 people in Oconee County ferried out when rising water washed over their only road. Several tornadoes.

North Carolina

+ Deaths: 8

+ Damage: Up to nine inches in western part of state. 200 roads impassable, including Interstate 40 west of Asheville. In Canton, water rose as high as 4 feet inside convenience store on outskirts of town, where police blocked access.


+ Deaths: 1

+ Damage: Downtown Spring City flooded by 6 feet of water. Homes washed away; 30 people rescued from from an apartment complex stranded by rising waters.

Note: 3 others reported dead in the United States but location undetermined.

Source: National Hurricane Center, Times files, Associated Press, NOAA, ESRI