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Life without brilliant Lightning is intolerable

NHL scoring champion: Martin St. Louis. Stanley Cup winner: Tampa Bay Lightning. Stanley Cup MVP: Brad Richards. Coach of the year: John Tortorella. World Cup of Hockey MVP: Vinny Lecavalier. World Cup first team: Fredrik Modin and Vinny Lecavalier.

Come back, Lightning! We miss you!

Warren Klein


No excuse for unruly treatment of Vijay Singh

Although it would have been nice for a native of Canada to win the Canadian Open for the first time in 50 years, the boorish behavior of the gallery only made Vijay Singh's birdie putt both righteous and enjoyable. He handled it as a gentleman. Commentator Ian Baker Finch legitimized the behavior by stating the ruffians were merely rooting for their country. It would have been interesting to see how Tiger Woods' caddie would have responded.

David P. Parsons

Madeira Beach

Not all Miami fans root against Florida State

As president of the University of Miami Alumni of Tampa Bay, I haven't seen the animosity George Palaidis described between FSU fans and Miami fans. I have never hated FSU, even when we were on probation and they were winning more than we were. I would actually root for them if they weren't playing us. Most FSU fans I talked to really dislike Florida and its fans. I understand getting beat six straight times makes Mr. Palaidis upset at us Miami fans, but suck it up! Odds are your team will win one eventually. Maybe if they make the goal posts wider.

Elizabeth Olson

Palm Harbor