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Pastor's own intolerance isn't shared

Re: Forum fuels cries of "terrorist, terrorist,' Sept. 15 Times:

Editor: I write because I want my voice to be heard. I want the Muslim community and my County Commission to know that the Rev. Mike Frazier does not represent the views of the Christian community in Hernando.

As a Christian man of faith and as a patriotic American, I am heartbroken and appalled that such small-minded and un-American acts of intolerance and prejudice can still be heard in this day and age.

I will protect and defend Mr. Frazier's right to free speech, but I also will exercise my own. I would hope the good people of Landmark Baptist Church will discuss this matter with Brother Frazier.

Moreover, let me add that I am very proud of Commissioners Nancy Robinson and Diane Rowden, Sheriff Richard Nugent and state Rep. David Russell, and all in Hernando County government who go out of their way to sow the seeds of peace and justice.

Larry Reidt, Spring Hill

Islamic group, associates are far from terrorists

Re: Forum fuels cries of "terrorist, terrorist,' Sept. 15 Times:

Editor: Mike Frazier is a misguided individual. The Council on American-Islamic Relationsand the Muslim community have the right to have an educational meeting and invite the incumbents who are in control of many county departments.

There is a long stretch between attending the meeting at the Palace Grand Ballroom and supporting terrorism. I have attended meetings with Muslims, CAIR representatives and Human Rights Coalition members, and they never failed to condemn the acts of terrorism being conducted throughout the world. In addition, these Muslims are American citizens and are as patriotic as Frazier and the undersigned ever will be.

Frazier is of the mind-set that calls all those people from Italy "Mafiosi," and all those from Germany "Nazis."

If Frazier has a hierarchy in his church affiliation, I'm sure he will be told that his comments at the commission meeting Tuesday were out of order.

Nick Morana, Spring Hill

Judge not, pastor, your Muslim neighbors

Re: Forum fuels cries of "terrorist, terrorist,' Sept. 15 Times:

Editor: I appreciate the reporting of Jennifer Liberto about the statement by the Rev. Mike Frazier, and the reaction of some of his parishioners and others who support him, at the County Commission meeting Tuesday.

Also, Jeff Webb's column on Thursday more effectively states the problem than I could have.

I would add for the reverend and others a reminder from the Sermon on the Mount: Judge not that ye be not judged.

Doris J. Bedell, Spring Hill

Diatribes embarrass fellow Christian

Re: Forum fuels cries of "terrorist, terrorist,' Sept. 15 Times:

Editor: This is one of the few times in my life I am ashamed to be classified as a Christian (Catholic). How could Mike Frazier, reportedly a man of God, Chip Gripton and Rose Rocco dare to throw rocks at our elected officials for attending an educational event that was to bring us better understanding of our Muslim neighbors?

As for the plaques given out to some officials, they should keep them and display them proudly, as they were a thank you for reaching out to all after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

I have met and spoken to members of the Muslim community and they appear to be God-fearing people with a strong respect for America, where they have chosen to live the same as many of our forefathers. My sincere apologies to all who were insulted by this bigotry.

Bea Polichak, Spring Hill

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