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Thailand comes off U.S. drug trafficking list

Published Aug. 28, 2005

President Bush has removed Thailand from the U.S. government list of countries where significant illicit drug trafficking takes place.

The move was the result of Thailand's progress in reducing opium poppy cultivation along with advances in other areas, the White House said last week.

With Thailand deleted from the list, the number of major drug-transit or drug-producing countries was reduced to 22. They are: Afghanistan, the Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Laos, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela and Vietnam.

Bush reported to Congress that Myanmar, also known as Burma, "failed demonstrably" for the second consecutive year to adhere to its obligations under international counternarcotics agreements. It was the only country to be so designated.

Bush credited Haiti's new government, installed after President Jean-Bertrande Aristide fled this past February, with having taken "substantive _ if necessarily limited _ counternarcotics actions in the few months it has been in office."