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Unsuspended tolls could go for relief

Why suspend tolls? During the days that tolls would be suspended, collect the tolls and use the money for a relief fund. I am sure that the 50 cents or $1 would not be missed by the individual or company, yet collectively would be a substantial amount.

As for the power, tree service or hauling trucks that come from out of state and in state, are they not here getting paid? Shouldn't they contribute a small amount to the "relief" toll fund as they are making a nice profit? Just a thought.

P.S.: During the 24-hour evacuation, I agree that tolls should be suspended.

Kyle Wyss, Tierra Verde

Department stores, not fast-food outlets

Re: Shoppes get names, Sept. 12.

I am amazed! Who decides what "shoppes" are going to be admitted into our new and improved mall?

All we need is more fast-food restaurants in this area. When was the last time they (the decisionmakers) drove down Park Boulevard and just took a count of the fast-food restaurants?

"Not a bad lineup" states Ed Taylor, Pinellas Park council member. Which side of his nose is he looking beyond? Does he realize there was not one decent department store included in that list? Yes, the Armed Forces Reserve Training Center will bring thousands of soldiers and their families to this area. I am assuming that includes high-ranking officers with their wives and families also.

Where will these wives be shopping? Along with the rest of us who will continue to travel to Tampa or to Tyrone Mall to buy quality clothing.

Betty F. King, Pinellas Park