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Week one reviews in: Gruden outcoached

Since last Sunday, I've read and heard Jon Gruden's excuses and comments. Nothing has changed. If you don't have to perform to get the job, why should you have to perform when it counts? It took 30 minutes for the defense to wake up and start to play. The play-calling was atrocious. The Bucs didn't get beat Sunday, they were humiliated. To the Glazers: Bring back Dungy and McKay.

Edward DiGrandi

Palm Harbor

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Outhustled, outclassed, outcoached, outplayed and out to an 0-1 start.

Frank Theriault


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Every time the Bucs lose a game, the blame automatically goes to the offensive line. And this is not without reason. For the past several seasons the offensive line has been made up of many of the same players, whether they (play) tackle or guard or center. This duplication of function has resulted in a duplication of play. Each gameday it begs the questions: 1) What position do I play? 2) What is my responsibility? No wonder our offensive line has had so many holes in it for such a long time. C'mon, Jon, isn't it time you got back to basics?

Fred Nassif


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The practices and preseason were wasted. The coaches should have been teaching the team how to block and tackle. It looked as if the team forgot how. This did not look like a team that was well-oiled and ready to play.

Weldon Comerford


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Does everyone remember about 2{ years ago? That's when Bill Parcells all but guaranteed the Glazers he would coach the Bucs for the 2002 season.

The discussion was how Parcells likes to tear things down, bring in "his own guys" and then coach the team deep into the playoffs. Since Parcells jilted us and coach Jon Gruden took us to the Promised Land, why do I bring this up now? Just to remind folks that when you mortgage your future for a Super Bowl championship, well, it so happens you've got to pay that mortgage some time.

As Buccaneer fans, we sure paid in 2003 with a mediocre 7-9 record. And based on Sunday's pathetic effort versus the lowly 'Skins, it's very apparent that 2004 will be another mortgage payback year with a much higher interest rate. I hate watching this train wreck, but I'm willing to pay.

Bill Filippone


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The bottom line: The Bucs are just not a very good team. Fans need to sit back and enjoy the season with low expectations. That way they won't be disappointed. I fully expected them to lose (against the Redskins). So I wasn't upset when they did. Washington has a pretty good team. They'll win at least 10 games and the Bucs will struggle to win eight.

Michael Harris


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After all the smug news conferences where Gruden sat in front of Bucs fans and told us he knows what he's doing and that he knows the business of football and he's making a better team, we get the performance we got Sunday at the Redskins?

We spend millions and millions of dollars on an offensive line that does that! Hey, I can save the Bucs a lot of money on the offensive line _ I'll let defenders through, and miss (blocks), and literally play like I have just learned the game for only $1-million! Think of the money the Bucs could save so they can hire unhealthy receivers! Also, there's no need to spend huge sums of money on running backs with nowhere to go, and while we're at it, maybe we should just cut Brad Johnson loose so he can actually play one or two downs in a vertical position with another team!

Maybe it's time to blame the people actually responsible for this: Gruden, who can't seem to detect the trend of blitzes from Washington, and Allen, who has become Gruden's yes-man to bring in impact players who have no impact.

Jonathan Sones


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It's so nice to know that two old friends are back together. I refer, of course, to Mr. Allen and Mr. Gruden. I hope they have a lasting friendship working their way out of last place. For the life of me I can't understand the two of them getting rid of their all-stars for their crop of old stars. Mr. A and Mr. G are so indoctrinated with older guys, when are they going to use their two new young guns? Last week Brad Johnson should have been pulled for guys who can throw deep, run if need be, and see guys that are open and can break one.

Art Wallace

New Port Richey

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I used to be a big supporter of Keyshawn Johnson, but no more. His latest comments did it for me. Calling Ronde Barber an "Uncle Tom" is just plain ridiculous. Ronde is the definition of class. Those comments were just plain wrong and not well thought out. Keyshawn keeps on harping about his days in Tampa. Let it go, Keyshawn. You play for Dallas now. That should be your focus and not saying idiotic comments.

Eric Sloss

St. Petersburg