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This has been some year for hurricanes. If you're serious about your digital photography and retaining your old e-mail, you should re-evaluate your backup plan for your data. You have a backup plan, right? No? Oh dear. PBS' Robert Cringely proposes an interesting peer-to-peer, reasonably priced business model for this, but no such product exists, at least not one I could find. The nearest to it is Three Twelve's $50 LeanOnMe. It looks quite interesting, providing you have multiple friends with spare disk space, broadband and the smarts to keep their machines up and running all the time. Oh, and a spare $50 each.

Not tough enough Rugged-Notebooks.htm

I'm obsessed with weather disasters, which we've all had enough of this year. So I'm considering a switch back to Linux (from Mac OS X) and a notebook that'll both take a good soaking and beating. Alas, after reviewing the mediocre performance and ultra high price on this collection of tough notebooks, I'll save that extra cash and stock up on home insurance. And a better backup solution.

An artsy type gallery.html

As odd art media go, I think this might outweigh the previous spectacular find of using chewing gum to render pop culture blonds. This artist uses a plain old typewriter to offer his message. And we're not talking about the written word as this art is 100 percent visual. After getting awfully excited about the gallery as listed above, stroll over to the time lapse demo and marvel. What an unusual vision.

Image quiz

Ah, what it giveth so it taketh away. This whizzy non-Flash quiz is a bit on the addictive side. It raids Google's image search, shows you the images, and in that equally addictive Jeopardy! way makes you guess the question. Sometimes one-word answers, sometimes two words, it'll have you wasting away the morning. Nifty.

Sticky sweet

I've been flying a lot lately. As I try and rush by that cinnamon bun place at the airport, my feet are slowing on each pass. I'm sort of like a shark that's trying not to feed. Those bun things are either pure evil and/or pure calories. And my waistline needs neither right now. But, perhaps, I'll just indulge in some of the mostly sugar goodness contained in this area of Farah Mahdzan's blog. It's pure fun. And mostly pure sugar.