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Awaiting a different Gruden trade

Published Aug. 28, 2005

I am willing to give up four first-round draft picks to any team stupid enough to want coach Jon Gruden and GM Bruce Allen. Gruden never has and never will stretch the field. It is not in his game plan.

So to say Brad Johnson can't throw it far enough is ridiculous. You have no running game, no receivers and definitely no offensive line. Maybe keeping some of these players and building consistency would help, but that won't happen with this administration.

I like Chris Simms, but he is still too lost in this system. If I was Johnson, I would clean out my locker and say, "See ya, it's been real trying to carry this offense by myself for now going on three years."

Sue Clark


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Offensive genius. That is what they called Gruden. What should we call him now?

Was it genius to shove one of the best GMs in the league out of the organization for a yes-man? Was it genius to let Thomas Jones go and keep a suspended Michael Pittman?

How about the brilliant way he has incorporated Mike Alstott into the offense?

And let's not forget the cunning move of benching your besieged veteran quarterback to besiege your promising but inexperienced young quarterback so he can throw nearly three interceptions on one drive.

If this is offensive genius, what does the face of stupidity look like?

Chris Slemkewicz

Tarpon Springs

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Forget the fact that the offense continues to stink. Let's talk about coaching decisions.

Just over four minutes to play, down by seven, fourth down, and (the Bucs) kick a field goal. Then they kick off and start the Seahawks at the 30 and have to hold to get the ball back inside the Bucs 15.

Why not take the fourth-down shot at the end zone and, if unsuccessful, give the Seahawks the ball inside their 10 and hold to get the ball back in good field position? No, let's get three useless points. Duh!

Bob Gilley


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The Glazer boys need to step in and make front-office changes now.

Rocco Capabainco

Palm Harbor